When you want to withdraw money from your Trine account, you need to register the details of the bank account you want to withdraw to, and also submit a document verifying the details. The document can be a print screen or an official bank statement showing the required information. 

1. Go to your Dashboard

When you're in the dashboard, click on the tab 'Transactions', and then 'Connect bank account'. 

All the information is required in this step. If you're having problems finding the correct information, reach out to your bank. They should know where to find the correct account details. 

2. After filling in all the fields, click on 'Next' 

You will now be asked to upload a bank statement, or a print screen, showing the same information you just provided in the first step. This is required in the document:

  • IBAN

  • BIC

  • Your full name (which have to correspond with the name of your Trine-account)

  • A bank logo

When the document is uploaded, it will be verified within 24-48 hours. If your document is rejected by any reason, we will get back to you, asking for further information, on a new document fulfilling the requirements. 

When the verification is ready, you will be able to withdraw money from your account by choosing an amount. Note that it usually take between 24-72 hours for the money to reach your bank account.

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