You can get additional interest for investments in loans which have rewards enabled, if your outstanding portfolio is €1000 or more. This applies both for investments made through our Monthly Investment feature and manual investments. Learn about the different bonus levels in the article What is Trine Rewards?

Only if your signed up for Monthly Investments before July 7 2020:

If you signed up for our Monthly Investment feature before July 7 2020 and selected to invest €500 or more per month, Trine will pay you an additional interest worth 2%. This extra return applies for every loan you invest in through Monthly Investments.

If you have an outstanding portfolio of €1000 or more, you are eligible for additional interest through Trine Rewards for investments in loans which have rewards enabled. However, you either get 2% additional interest through Monthly Investments or additional interest through Trine Rewards. Between the two you will always get the highest rate available.

The additional interest is payable to your wallet within 30 days of Trine receiving the fee from the solar partner and will arrive in your wallet at the same time as the expected standard interest repayments.

Risk Warning

The additional interest is only payable after Trine receives its fee from the solar partner. If Trine does not receive a fee from the solar partner, no additional interest payment (above the standard agreed interest payment) will apply.

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