Trine is able to provide investment protection in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). This is a pilot project so it will not apply to every loan. We will always show whether a loan is included on the loan page so if it's something you're looking for look for this box on the right hand side. 

The investment protection provided by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) in collaboration with Trine protects initial investments made through Trine’s site. It means that in the case where a solar company is not able to repay their loan, you as an investor are guaranteed to get back at least some of the amount you originally invested. We will always state on each loan page if it's covered by Investment Protection or not.

Find out more in the Svenska Dagbladet interview with Carin Jämtin, Director General of Sida, about the collaboration. 

We've also put together a folder with more information on the collaboration. There you can find the Guarantee Agreement that is the legal contract between Trine and Sida. This lays out the terms that decides whether a loan or solar company is eligible for investment protection. 

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