Since many investors are careful with their hard-earned money, and rightfully so, we get a lot of questions from interested but sceptical investors. To ensure that everyone gets the chance to invest in a brighter and greener future, we’ve introduced an offer that’s too good to refuse.

How does the guarantee work?

All new investors will get their first investment guaranteed up to €100. That means that you can learn about Trine and how easy it is to reduce environmental impact and improve people's lives while earning a profit on your capital, at a greatly reduced risk.

Your first investment up to the value of €100 will be protected in the case where the solar company is unable to repay and the loan has defaulted. For more information on what that means read about our debt recovery process.

What if I want to invest more than €100?

You’re free to invest any amount of money you’re comfortable with, but only the first €100 will be covered by the guarantee.

Does the guarantee cover any earned interest?

In short, no. The guarantee will only cover your invested capital. In the event that a borrower is unable to pay back the investment, the guarantee will kick in and we will cover your invested capital. But any future interest payments will be cancelled.

Will the guarantee apply to my existing investment?

The guarantee will only apply to new, first-time investments that are made after the First Investment Guarantee is made available to investors.

When would the guarantee not apply?

One foreseeable scenario where we would be unable to honour the guarantee is if Trine ceased to function or exist as a company due to bankruptcy or insolvency.

This opportunity is provided in collaboration with Energy 4 Impact in the form of a grant.

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