General Risks

An investment is always associated with risks, and all or parts of the investment may be lost.

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All investments presented on Trine’s platform involve various types of senior financing to companies ("Project Owners" or "Borrowers") with limited collateral.

The risk level for this type of investment is typically considered high, which, combined with the fact that no financial advisor or other party directly or indirectly reviews or recommends the individual investments, means that this type of investment is suitable for:

  • Experienced investors who understand the stated and unstated risks of the investment, or

  • Investors who have consulted advisors or experts with insight into the stated and unstated risks of the investment.

A Loan can be secured by collateral such as pledge over assets, shares, guarantees, or other forms of security.

The Borrower's ability to repay the Loans typically depends on the underlying project assets generating income according to plan. The overall risks can include the Borrower lacking the financial means to handle significant deviations, portfolio defaults, delays, etc. or the general market deteriorating for some reason.

Any securities provided are not a guarantee that the investor will recover their invested capital or returns. The investor should be aware that the entire investment can be lost.

The investments presented on the Trine platform are not covered by the provisions of the Deposit Insurance Act (1995:1571) or the Investor Protection Act (1999:158) (or any other explicitly stated guarantee), which means that the investor cannot receive any compensation under these rules if the Borrower goes bankrupt or otherwise have payment difficulties.

In the article linked, we outline risk factors that are considered to affect investments of this type. The risks are not ranked among themselves and are not claimed to be comprehensive. Additional risks and uncertainties may exist for each individual investment.

Separate from risks linked to the borrowers, there are other risks related to an investment in the instrument offered on Trine’s homepage including but limited to:

  • platform risk if Trine would be unable to meet its obligations

  • Illiquidity risk related to the inability to sell or easily transfer the instrument to third party

It is important to attempt to identify and analyse potential risks in the specific investment and weigh them against the offered return and other conditions. Only after doing this and considering one's own financial situation should an investment decision be made.

Loan agent

Trine AB, registration number 559003-1463, acts as a loan agent in the loans facilitated through Trine's platform. Trine represents the lenders in all matters concerning the projects on behalf of the borrower. In the event that a loan falls due and repayment does not occur, and/or the borrower violates the terms of the loan contracts, Trine handles all communication with the borrower. In addition to the above, the loan agent manages the collateral provided for the loan, such as mortgage deeds, share certificates, guarantee commitments, etc. The loan agent also administers any potential realisations of the collateral provided, with the support of subcontractors. Trine receives compensation from the borrower for acting as a loan agent for the crowdfunding offers. For more information regarding the loan agent's role and operations, please see the terms & conditions.

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