At Trine, we believe in profit with purpose. Our commitment to this principle stems from Trine’s founding goal: ending energy poverty. We realize that in order to end energy poverty, finding a sustainable long-term solution is key. We think that aid is important in some settings, however, we do believe that it's not always a sustainable long-term solution.

The for-profit nature of Trine as a business and loans as investments means that our loans are economically viable and thereby ensures that we can have a social and environmental impact in the long run. We get a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners because we can show financial viability in a space that is traditionally occupied by short-term aid. In contrast, to aid projects, Trine’s model involves all major parties as stakeholders and aligns their incentives through shared risk and profit-driven motivation. As stakeholders, everyone involved is invested in ensuring that our loans are successful in both the short and long term.

What does this mean for me as an investor?

For our customers - the investors - profit with purpose means that they can make an investment and on the successful completion of a loan can earn a reasonable return while changing lives and helping to save the planet. For solar energy companies, it enables them to receive the funding to build a sustainable business and develop a long-term partnership to bring affordable, clean, and reliable energy to their communities. For the end-users, it empowers them to invest in their futures, gaining energy access, a cleaner and safer local environment, and a host of new opportunities. For Trine, profit with purpose is everything, it allows us to scale our business and make the greatest impact possible

Transparency is something we value deeply and we will always be open about how we make money and our business model. As an investor, you will never encounter any hidden fees charged by Trine and we welcome ideas and feedback on how we can continue to improve as a company.

/ Hanna

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