We often get asked about how we find and assess the solar companies we provide with loans through the platform.

Our assessment process of potential borrowers can be summarised in these four steps:

  1. Initial screening check
    First we perform an initial screening to evaluate whether a company fits our requirements for funding and provides us with more information about their business model, financials and solar products/installations.

  2. Desktop analysis
    In this initial phase we investigate the company's track record, previous capital raises, sales numbers, financial statements and so on. When we have all documents needed from the company we run our own proprietary risk assessment - assigning the potential borrower with a Company Rating.

  3. On-ground investigation
    If the company passes the Desktop Analysis we visit them on the ground. We meet with the management team as well as the company's customers to assess their operations first-hand. In particular we look at the company culture, customer service and quality of their current installations.

  4. Investment Committee
    This is the final step before a company gets offered a loan. All new potential borrowers need to be presented at the Investment Committee in order to get approval before a loan contract can be finalised and negotiated with the borrower. finalising the loan agreement. During the Investment Committee key risks, opportunities, terms for the transaction and other important issues are discussed and decided upon.

If a borrower passes all the steps in our due diligence we then send a proposal of the loan agreement to the borrower and once it has been accepted and signed by both parties we are able to make the loan available investments.

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