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How does Trine make money?
How does Trine make money?
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As a for-profit, social and environmental impact company, Trine makes money in two different ways:

  • When a loan becomes fully funded through Trine, the borrower will pay Trine a one-time arranger fee for arranging the loan. This fee is mostly determinate by the size of the loan, used to cover our cost of due diligence and funding the loan. Depending on negotiations it can vary between 2-4% of the total loan amount.

  • Trine also takes a management fee, which is a percentage of the total loan. The borrower pays this throughout the payback period to cover operational costs. It is deducted before a loan offer is presented towards investors and works on the same basis, meaning that Trine gets repayments when, and only if, the investors get repaid. Depending on negotiations and the borrower’s credit scoring it can vary but has historically been around 3-4%.

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