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How impact investments can improve people's standard of living, save the planet and help sustainable growth.

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The many problems with fossil fuels

1 billion people around the world lack access to basic electricity. Instead they rely on toxic fossil fuels with severe effects on their health. Fumes from using kerosene daily is roughly equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day (1). Not only is kerosene bad for you, it’s also very expensive. Many households spend as much as 30% of their disposable income on fuel (2). On top of that, kerosene is bad for the environment since it emits huge amounts of CO2 (3).

Children studying with a kerosene lamp

The solution(s)

Solar energy

Solar Home Systems (SHS) are simple home appliances that provide light and electricity. A system normally includes:

  • A small solar cell

  • A battery

  • Light sources

  • Connections to charge mobile phones and other appliances. 

A Solar Home System being installed

There are lots of companies that sell, distribute and install these systems. Most customers do not have the money to buy the systems up front, so they pay the system off in installments. In most cases the customer will own the system and have free electricity after that have completed the payment plan, or in some cases the customer is renting the equipment, or will pay a small fee for ongoing maintenance. 

Not only is solar much more reliable, safer and efficient than kerosene - it's also ultimately cheaper. This provides the possibility for families to save money and invest in a better future for themselves.


The possibility to lease the solar product is essential for the customers, but for the companies it means that a lot of their assets are locked in for a long period of time. By lending these companies capital, they can continue to grow and supply more families with solar home systems. As the families pay off the systems, the companies pay back the loan with interest.

Trine makes it easy for people like you to invest in loans to these solar companies, providing them with the injection of capital they need to create a greener and more equal future. As an investor you get the possibility to earn 3-11% interest on your investment, and be safe in the knowledge that your investments are doing good


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