What is Trine Rewards?

Earn extra interest as a Trine investor.

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Trine Rewards is an incentive program we've launched to reward our investors.


You can earn additional interest as an investor depending on your total outstanding portfolio. You will get additional interest for new investments in loans that have rewards enabled, if your outstanding portfolio falls into one of the tier ranges listed below, at the time your investment is made.

For example, if you have an outstanding portfolio of €1 400 and you make an investment into Loan A (with a 6% base interest) and the loan provides an additional 2% interest, your total earned interest will be 8% for that investment.

The Tiers

Trine Rewards consist of the following tiers:

Where can I see my outstanding portfolio?

You can see your outstanding portfolio value by signing in to your account and viewing the "Outstanding Portfolio" box on the Overview or Investments tabs on your Dashboard (screenshot below):

Will I lose my additional interest if I drop to a lower tier?

No, any investments you made in loans with rewards enabled, when your balance was in a higher tier, will continue to earn the applicable additional interest, even if you drop to a lower tier.

What happens when I enter a higher tier?

Additional interest is based on your outstanding portfolio after the investment you are making. So if you invest enough to reach a higher tier, you will qualify for additional interest immediately.

For example, if you have an outstanding portfolio of €500 and you invest €500 into Loan A (which is eligible for rewards and has a 6% base interest) you will get an additional X% interest for that investment. If you were to invest €9 500 (bringing your outstanding portfolio to €10 000) you would get an additional Y% interest for the investment.

Will all loans be eligible for additional interest?

For the vast majority of our loans, yes, although it is possible that some loans will not be eligible for rewards in the future.

What happens if I invest multiple times in the same loan?

If you make multiple investments in the same loan and you have not reached the next tier after one investment but do so after the second or third time, you will be eligible for additional interest for all of your investments in this loan.

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