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Why has my expected repayment schedule changed?
Why has my expected repayment schedule changed?

If you were expecting to get your first repayment in June and now it's suddenly in July, this article can help explain why.

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When you make your investment you will see your expected repayments, which will look something like this.

It's important to know that these dates are preliminary and will change. This is due to the expected repayment schedule being dependent on the date that the loan is issued to the borrower. It is not possible for us to have this finalized until the loan is fully funded. You can check the final expected repayment schedule by logging in to your Dashboard, scrolling to the 'Loan' section, and clicking on the loan you want to check. If the status of the loan has changed from 'Fully funded' to 'Repaying', that means the expected repayment schedule has been finalized.

Loan section

Trine will always inform investors if we know there will be a delay to repayments. However, the dates in an expected repayment schedule should be treated as preliminary and a few days delay in repayment is not unusual. Often repayments are coming from around the world and this can mean bank transfers take longer than expected. Investors can reach out to with any questions about repayments.

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