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What happens if Trine goes bankrupt?
What happens if Trine goes bankrupt?
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If Trine were to go bankrupt it's good to be aware that all money belonging to investors is held in a bank account that is separated from Trine’s company finances. That means that any money that is in your wallet or money that comes in via repayments will be kept separately from Trine.

If Trine were to become bankrupt while investors still have loans with outstanding repayments it is possible for investors to pursue these repayments themselves. The legal agreement, referred to as the Loan Note Instrument, is between you as an investor and the borrower directly. That means that investors have the legal right to claim any outstanding debt toward a borrower and could in theory pursue litigation in the case where a loan would have delayed repayments or if a borrower breaches any clauses as stated in the Loan Note Instrument. It is also possible to find a third party that would manage the remaining administration of these loans.

It is important to consider that Trine is currently not covered by any deposit guarantee provided by the state.

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