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How is impact data presented?
How is impact data presented?

In this article we describe how impact is presented on your dashboard

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Investments at Trine come with an environmental, social and financial return. The social and environmental impact numbers (CO2 avoided and people with electricity) shown on the loan offer page are estimates, created using information from the borrower and the industry standard methods to estimate future impact.

We estimate the future impact on all loans using different calculation methods depending on industry, Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar installations or Solar Home Systems (SHS). We calculate the impact in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions avoided, displaying the relevant numbers on the loan offer page. When it comes to the social impact for SHS, we estimate how many people will get access to electricity. For C&I, we have chosen to present the social impact through the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). C&I installations normally contribute to important growth for society; such as economic growth for businesses, increased employment opportunities, as well as important development of infrastructure.

Your Dashboard

The total estimated impact based on all your investments to date is presented to you under Impact summary in your Dashboard.

Trine is monitoring all borrowers on an ongoing basis in terms of financials, operational health, as well as the realised impact. Based on data and insights from our monitoring we can respond quickly, as well as affect any changes to the impact figures compared to the initial impact figures displayed on the loan offer page if necessary.

Impact for restructured or defaulted loans

In case of a default, the impact in your dashboard will be updated to portray the impact made up until the loan defaulted. The impact will also be assessed and updated when a loan is restructured, taking into account how the restructuring affects the impact of the loan.

Please note that we do not sell carbon credits.

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