Loan status definitions

In this article, we explain the definitions of the loan statuses shown in your dashboard.

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You can find the meaning of each loan label below:

Label to investor


Fully repaid

No outstanding principal or interest


All payments are on time (both principal and interest) or a loan has been restructured and a new repayment schedule is in place with repayments being made on time


Payments have not been received 10 days after the expected invoice due date


Restructuring request/ proposal discussions have been initiated

Best effort recovery

The borrower is making payments to the best of it's abillity without a fixed repayment schedule.


Unlikely to get more payments from the borrower; Trine will not actively continue it's recovery efforts.

Trine will always inform investors if we know there will be a delay in repayments. However, the dates in an expected repayment schedule should be treated as preliminary and a few days delay in repayments is not unusual. Often repayments are coming from around the world and this can mean bank transfers take longer than expected.

Investors can reach out to with any questions about repayments.

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