We believe in giving investors the opportunity to make a direct impact with their money, socially and environmentally, whilst earning a profit. All our markets are carefully chosen and evaluated based on the factors people, planet and profit. Our market offering is based on where we believe the highest risk-adjusted financial return is achievable, whilst making a social and environmental impact.

Our current core markets are West and East Africa; mainly Kenya and Nigeria. These markets are highly dependent on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas. However, the solar irradiation is high, leading to solar energy being a competitive alternative without subsidies. High irradiation and high energy costs mean that projects are more profitable, generating more cash flow to service debt. This in its turn leads to more attractive investment opportunities.

We are always investigating new markets to invest in, currently with our eyes on South-East Asia and Latin America.

If you’d like to suggest certain markets or specific investment opportunities you’d like to see in the future, head to nolt.io to give us your feedback.

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