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Can I convert EUR in my wallet to USD?
Can I convert EUR in my wallet to USD?

How to convert EUR in your Trine wallet to USD, what is the cost of conversion and where does the FX rate come from

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How do I convert EUR to USD?

If you have EUR funds available in your Trine wallet and wish to use them to invest in a USD loan, you can convert the funds to USD.

Please note that the conversion service is currently not available during the weekend.

To be able to do that, you start off with choosing the USD loan that you would like to invest in. Once chosen, you will end up at the first step when making an investment which is where you'll have to answer a short risk quiz. After answering the quiz, you'll get to a step called 'Select amount to invest', where you'll get an overview of how much you have in your wallet .

In the extended box, simply press the 'Convert' button when you've chosen the amount you'd like to convert.

You'll see an overview of the total amount available in your wallet post conversion in the overview. Scroll down and select the total amount you'd like to invest and press 'Next'. If you wish to continue, press Convert funds.

All money available in your wallet will be used for reinvestments. In order to see what will be withdrawn from your wallet and what needs to be paid, you can see a financial overview on the right hand side.

What is the FX rate and how much does the conversion cost?

The exchange rate is only valid for 20 seconds and is provided by SEB. The cost of exchange is 0,2% x the transaction amount.

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